Saturday, July 23, 2016

Pony Effect Master Contour Palette - First Impressions

Shade : Fabulous (Comes in 2 shades, the other shade is Marvelous)
Price: S$51 but varies, can be ordered from at Qoo10
Recommended for skintone of up to NC25 only
Made in Korea 

The packaging is slim and feels very sturdy, with magnetic closure. Can be alittle difficult to open, but i love the big mirror that opens flat (180 degrees).  This is my pet peeve and being able to open all the way flat makes the palette so much more practical. 

I used this palette twice since i purchased it.  All the shades are less pigmented in general but I found that works for my routine.  Sometimes I like to skip setting foundation with powder because some areas of my face can be dry.  If I use a bronzer or blush with good pigmentation directly, I'll easily get patchy results.  This palette won't!!!  I do have to pack it onto my brush, i'm using Wayne Goss #11.  I go over twice for it to show up on my face.  For this reason, i recommend this palette - to those who have dry skin and would like to skip setting powder.  

I've also used this palette on powdered face, I'll go over maybe 3 times or more to get it to show up well on my skin.  This is partly because I'm quite dark (NC25), for fairer skintone, you might not need to.

All the shades are suitable for fair skin, up to NC25.  This is typical of Korean makeup but some Korean brands are making darker shades for western market.

This is a matte, cream color powder. 

This highlight shade is beautiful!  It contains very fine shimmers and I feel this has the right amount of pigmentation.  

I love this beautiful shade of blush, its a light, candy, pinky coral, matte shade. This is a youthful kind of shade and is not very pigmented.

I love this matte contour shade because it looks very natural on my skintone.  In fact, this is one of the best contour shade i own (I'm ethnically Chinese for reference), in terms of the tone of the shade - not too cool, nor too warm toned. It would not work for skintone darker than NC25.  Its also not very pigmented.

  • Great highlight, blush and contour shade
  • Blush & contour shades are not very pigmented, which is great if you want to skip setting powder as this will act as a "setting powder" because it is a powder with color
  • Powders are finely milled and tightly packed, thus does not stir up powder when you dip your brush into the pan
  • Good quality packaging and big mirror that opens flat (180 degrees)
  • Unscented

  • Less pigmented blush and contour shade if you already set your foundation with powder.  You will need to apply this on your face at least 3 times to get it to show properly
  • Only suitable for skintone up to NC25.  Will not show up if you are darker than that

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